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Stuff I use

Das ist Equipment welches ich Live oder im Studio

verwende um meinen Sound zu kreieren.


PRS Custom 24, Fender Strat, Gibson ES 335, Charvel, Yamaha Silent Guitar, Musicman Axis, Tanglewood


Fender Precision 50s


Tubescreamer, Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe, Lehle Splitter und Switcher, Arion Chorus, Fulltone OCD und Octafuzz, Maxon CP 9 Pro, Sib Fatdrive, G-LAB GSC 3


Roland Analog Sythesizer SH 5

Really old...

Amp 1

Peavey Classic 30

A fine 30 W Valve Amp

Amp 2

Brunetti 059

Valve Amp 120 W Amp - 3 Channels - switchable via Midi

Amp 3

Marshall JCM 800

Good old JCM - real and loud

Amp 4

Hughes & Kettner Tubeman

Nice 5 W Valve amp with good speaker simulation

Amp 5

Peavey Bandit 112

Actually a very flexible good sounding Amp

Amp 6

Ashdown Acoustic Amp AAR 3

Amp for acoustic and Jazz Guitar

Speaker I

Framus 2x12

Speaker II

Marshall 4x10

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